Our Founder & CEO recently returned from a trip to Cameroon, Africa where she volunteered with the VOSH program for an eye clinic. Read Mary T's personal account of the experience:

"All of us arrived in Cameroon by Sunday Dec 11th, different days, different flights, different countries, but all arrived to stay at the Laverne Catholic Center. On Sunday the Minnesota group of Marina, Dean, Laurie, UK, and Mike accompanied me to visit Queen Mary, the shining star of what a different Heifer Project can make in a village! Then we visited the Margaret Tjosvold Nursery and Primary School, meeting with teachers, PTA and Board Chair, followed by dinner at Florence home. Denis Tilong, who works at Minnehaha Creek and Francis Bugbami who works at Camilia Rose Care Center joined the team.

Monday found us at the Catholic Center ready to serve 3500 people over the next five days. Noah’s Ark, a local NGO working to eliminate HIV/AIDS, child trafficking, and child marriages registered people. UK and I did most of the preliminary eye checks on those old charts with either letters, numbers or directions, greeting people and ensuring them that their hours of waiting would be well served. Inside, the doctors and support people checked for eye disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and wrote prescriptions. People left with either reading glasses, distance glasses, sunglasses or medication drops.

During our stay, we were concerned because there was a strike by all public school teachers and lawyers with protest marches. Just days before we arrived four people were killed at the protest. Our concern was that people would not leave their homes to come to the eye clinic. But they came and they waited and they were served.

Making a difference in one person’s life…some just wanted to again be able read the Bible." -Mary T