Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.
You can also call our box office at 763-760-0062 (Mon-Sat, noon-4pm) or ask a question in the form below.

“Why do we have to sit with other people?”

“Why can’t we choose our seats at the table if we arrived first?” 

“Why do our chairs face away from the stage?”

“The website doesn’t state that the table we bought was a high top, and some of us can’t sit on those chairs, why is that? And can we switch tables?”

(For Dunsmore shows: people sitting at table 80 & 81) We cannot see the stage/ performer due to the piano blocking us, what can be done? Or can we have a different table?

“We’ve never been to your venue, can we eat dinner?” 

 “If we have tickets, do we need a separate reservation to eat dinner?”

 “Can we eat dinner at the same/ different table as the one we purchased?” 

 “Can we eat early before the show?/ Can we eat during the show? And what time can/ should we arrive?”

“Can I just sit at the bar and not pay a cover to listen to the music?” 

“Is it possible to buy tickets in person and not pay the online fees?”

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