Cole At Christmas… For kids from 1 to 92

Celebrate Nat King Cole’s centennial anniversary with his beloved brother freddy.

Hear Nat Cole’s Christmas classics from the last remaining member of the Cole family.

Gorgeous autumnal baritone, expressive phrasing and pitch-perfect feel for jazz standards,pop tunes and love ballads.
— People Magazine

Freddy Cole - American Music Royalty

While there are certain unmistakable similarities in timbre to his brother Nat ‘King’ Cole, his voice is raspier, smokier, jazzier even. In truth, his phrasing is far closer to that of Frank Sinatra or Billie Holiday than that of his brother, and his timing swings even more. His vocals – suave, elegant, formidable, sometimes spoken and articulate – make him the most respected lyrical storyteller in jazz. Cole’s career continues to ascend as he has moved into the front ranks of America’s homegrown art form with a style and musical sophistication all his own.


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