Jason comes from a family that has is steeped in rich Jazz tradition. His father a professionally seasoned drummer and classical pianist and his brother Joe started out as a professional Bluegrass bassist, performing national events in his early teens. Jason grows from that tradition and has been performing as a vocal soloist from his early Self lead vocal Jazz groups (ages 14-18) in high-school and at St. Cloud State to being an Alum of the elite Vocal Jazz groups at Berklee College of Music and The University of Minnesota. Since this time he has co-founded and lead the Jaztronauts, a 4 person tight vocal harmony Swing/Jive group for 12 years now. During that time he has booked and brought and lead bands through tours in Zurich Switzerland as well as other parts of Europe. 

Jason pays great attention to surrounding himself with the top players in the Twin cities and arranges his shows around their unique performances while still staying true to himself, and above else the music of the great crooners. He tries to incorporate the passion, care of arrangement and technique of Cannonball Adderly’s groups with his 5 piece setup, while still interjecting smooth smokey vocals complimented with his breathy tenor sax, all with a light touch and velvet background. 

Whether a passive listener or a Jazz enthusiast, we believe everyone has something to enjoy from one of this group’s performances.

Come to Crooners to check their performance!