Announcing for the very first time in Minnesota, indeed the USA - the world famous, legendary, spectacular, phenomenal, awe-inspiring Larry-Oke! We all know and love and hate karaoke but this is a variation that is intended to be funny and tragic and moving all at the same time!

If you can sing we would love for you to join Larry and his trio on stage where he will accompany you from hundreds and hundreds of songs. No backing tracks, no big screens - just you and a live band.

And even better, if you CAN’T sing a note and your friends consider your warbling to resemble a wounded rhino at a watering hole at the Serengeti at dawn, then we invite you on stage and you could win a spectacular prize for being the Worst Singer of the Week.

Whatever you do or even if you just want to come along and watch the fun (and the agony) be sure you don’t miss Larry-Oke. And depending how painful it is, this may well be a regular event…!

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