Katia Cardenas is a jazz and R&B vocalist in the Twin Cities who is involved in a variety of musical pursuits. While she has been performing since an early age, she emerged on the scene just two years ago. She has quickly risen within the local jazz scene, performing at numerous local venues, including The Dakota, Jazz Central Studios, Mattie's on Main, The Nicollet, Honey, Hell's Kitchen, Bedlam Lowertown, and St. Paul Saint's games at Midway Stadium. Katia recently released a single, titled "A Seed," which she co-wrote and recorded with local hip-hop artist, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE (listen here). She is a performing member of the Twin Cities Cabaret Artists' Network (TCCAN), a performance group dedicated to maintaining the New York-style Cabaret tradition of storytelling through song. She is also a member of Face Forward: Humanity Through Art, a local non-profit that fosters a socially aware artist community through education and collaboration.

Check her more at her homepage with videos and pictures!