The Brother Me Band, established in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2010 by drummer Michael Carney as a cover blues/R&B show band, with special attention on the blues. He wanted to bring back show bands from the 70’s he had listened to growing up in West Tennessee. These bands told stories in song about life’s ups and downs; following in and out of love, hard times and goods times, feelings that make us feel alive.

The current band members feature singers Pearl Williams and Michael Mothershed who partnered with Carney to help bring his vision to life. Keyboardist Rodney Wilson, Bassist Loren Hamilton and guitarist John McGhee and band founder Michael Carney on drums.


Michael Carney - drummer/percussionist, 

Michael Mothershed - lead vocals, 

John McGhee - guitar, 

Pearl Williams - vocals, 

Rodney Wilson - keyboard, 

Loren Hamilton - bass guitar

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