A huge thank you to all our patrons for making our first New Year’s Party such a resounding success. We were prepared for a busy night but 458 diners showed us why we are now being considered as one of the finest eating and music destination supper clubs in the Twin Cities - and we’ve only been open 7 weeks!

An enormous thank you also to Brian, Kevin, Tony, Ashley, Laurie and all our kitchen, bar and FOH staff who truly stepped up to the plate (!) and to Maria Dunsmore and the Jason Weismann Quartet who performed some of the best jazz and swing sets right through to the witching hour.

Great things are promised for 2015. Our Sunday Jazz Brunch got off to a ‘swinging’ start and we will continue to have live and free music with our happy hours each day - from 4.00pm to 6.00pm and as always, each evening we feature a band or entertainer. And remember, we present up to 13 bands/entertainers per week with NO cover charge to our patrons. And there is a rumor circulating that Crooners will soon be serving lunches - watch this space!

If you haven’t eaten in our beautiful Lakeside Supper Club you are missing a treat. A wonderful place to bring your parents who will love stepping back in time to an era of elegance and romance - accompanied by a magnificent menu, soft twinkling lights and the smooth sounds of jazz, Sinatra style crooners and impeccable first class service. And after dinner, why not come and join the fun and dancing in our spectacular Crooners Lounge.

Crooners Lounge and Supper Club - where the emphasis is on fine dining, superb service, exceptional music and above all - elegance and romance!