Hello friends,

Time for a report on our first January and upcoming events for February. We were warned that it might be a tough month but we are delighted to report that with your loyal patronage, it was far far better than we expected to the extent that we will continue to present more musicians and entertainers than most anywhere else at this time of the year.

Have you experienced the excitement of the ACME Jazz Company yet - an outstanding 18 piece jazz band featuring the vocal talents of Arne Fogel, the funny and always breathtaking vocal antics of Mia Dorr and Didi, the dulcet crooning of Gary La Rue, the stunning piano virtuosity of Andrew Walesch and his Quartet, the timeless Del Counts, the astonishing Sara Morris, the smooth sounds of Don Strong and our apologies to all those other incredible entertainers who we don’t have space to mention here. Don’t forget we feature an entertainment every afternoon for our 4pm - 6pm Happy Hour, incredible food at fabulously low prices, martinis and live music - the perfect place to wind down a busy day before dinner. And invariably, another band/entertainers takes over for the evening session.

Did we mention DINNER? In addition to our happy hour menu from 4pm - 6pm in the bar, we are featuring our brand new Early Bird dining menu starting at 4pm in our beautiful Lakeside Restaurant. See our website and Facebook for details.

As promised in our previous bulletin exciting things are always happening at Crooners. Our Sunday Brunch with Open Mic Jazz Jam has proven to be a spectacular success, where you can get up and sing or join with world class musicians. Likewise with Larry-oke, a funny some might say brutal, twist of karaoke where you can actually win a prize for being a dreadful singer.

Starting in March, on Wednesdays Crooners will begin to feature the finest jazz singers and entertainers in the Twin Cities. This is a whole new concept where all the tables and seating will be drawn up theatre-style and guests will be encouraged to treat the show as a concert. We have some impressive names lined up and once again, do visit our website and Facebook for further details. But on other nights we will have everything from singers, bands, comedy and there is even a whisper of a Country night. Watch this space!

Crooners Lounge & Supper Club has been open less than three months and we were overwhelmed to be told last week that we have won not one but 7 Major Awards from OpenTable, thanks to the hugely complimentary comments by you - our guests and diners.

We cannot thank you enough for this huge honor and we assure you that we will continue serving superb food, fantastic music and fun and don’t forget our martinis.

So thank you for patronage, dear friends and we look forward to seeing soon.

Mary and Larry

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