Behind the B with Steven C reunite in special

20th anniversary performances March 9, 2016

 The Dunsmore Room at Crooner’s Supper Club

(St. Paul, Minn)   What would it take for a musician to share his most prized possession with strangers?

Does YoYo Ma lend out his cello? Did BB King ever send Lucille on dates with other guitarists? Multi-platinum recording artist Steven C Anderson is celebrating the 20th anniversary of acquiring his hand-made nine-foot Bösendorfer piano by sending it off on an adventure-  without him.

The genesis of this unusual and highly generous plan goes back to 2014, when Anderson, in collaboration with organist Lawrence Lawyer and arranger Adi Yeshaya, recorded “Christmas Beyond,” a winter-themed collection of traditional and original music in the majestic setting of the Cathedral of Saint Paul in St. Paul, Minn. In December 2015, Anderson wanted to share the magic of hearing that music played live on the Bösendorfer in the Cathedral, where the awe-inspiring space served as another key element of the acoustical experience. The resulting concert drew a rapt audience of 2,500 people and sparked a revelation for Anderson.  “To have that many people show up on a Thursday night in December was a quantum leap beyond any other performance,” he said.

More than just listening to piano music on personal electronic devices, or as background entertainment, he saw an audience eager to thoughtfully listen to a rare and beautiful instrument played by a talented pianist.  Up to this point, Anderson devoted most of time to playing his Bösendorfer in his recording studio, only performing live with this grand, Porsche of instruments during small-scale events in his home.  His public playing was usually in churches or country clubs where the music was not the main event. The opportunity to share both his talents and the amazing sound quality of the Bösendorfer was irresistible.

Thus, Anderson decided to share his prized procession and ‘gift’ his Bösendorfer for the foreseeable future to a very special listening room – The Dunsmore Room at Crooners Lounge and Supper Club in Fridley, Minn.  Crooners’ owner Mary Tjosvold and staff jumped at the chance to become the state’s only music club to feature a Bösendorfer in their dedicated listening space, named The Dunsmore Room in honor of Tjosvold’s late husband, himself a talented, classically trained musician. A stage was built specially to showcase the extra-long and wide, 92-key-Bösendorfer.  Crooners’ artistic director and fellow pianist, Andrew Walesch, lined up a top-notch roster of performers for the new space. The Dunsmore Room opened in late December 2015 and has become an instant hit with patrons and musicians alike.

Artists including Bill Carrothers, Butch Thompson, Laura Caviani and Dan Chouinard have all been wowed by the sound quality and fluidity of the Bösendorfer. “The feel and sound of the Bösendorfer is rich, full and warm. It almost seems to play itself and makes everything you perform feel completely natural,” said Walesch. “Whatever style of music you play on the instrument, it sounds as if it was built for that song.”

On March 9, 2016, 20 years to the day of acquiring the Bösendorfer, Anderson will reunite with his beloved ‘Bosy’ for two concerts dubbed “Behind the B with Steven C” at Crooners. The shows are set for 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and advance reservations are strongly recommended.


In February of 1996, Anderson first encountered the Bösendorfer at Beethoven Pianos in New York City. “It was love at first sight, touch, sound, everything,” said Anderson. “I would stop at nothing to own this instrument.” At the time, he was a few years out of college with a new house and a baby on the way. To combat the piano’s prohibitive price tag, he negotiated an artist endorsement price from the manufacturer and then set about borrowing funds from friends and family far and wide. When ‘Bosey’ was finally delivered to his home on March 9, 1996, “It was overwhelming, like bringing home a baby,” he said. A month later he and his wife, Diane, welcomed an actual baby, Grace, who was the inspiration for “Expectant Joy,” his first composition on the new piano. Since then, Anderson has used the Bösendorfer to create an impressive catalog of original compositions including new age, contemporary and holiday titles. His music has been enjoyed worldwide through numerous recordings with sales topping the 2 million mark, along with nearly 50 million spins on Pandora. His music has graced the airwaves of NBC's The Today Show, QVC, PBS, Oprah, Music Choice and the Discovery Channel.

Among his many achievements, he served as producer for the award winning Baby Genius CD series. And in the early 90's, Anderson became audio director/executive producer for NorthWord Press. This successful Wisconsin-based record label produced albums mixing music with the serene sounds of nature; the recordings were sold nationally at Target Stores and other outlets. Anderson produced over 350 successful titles for NorthWord Press and other noteworthy labels.

While he has been very successful as a recording artist and event musician, supporting his family of seven, Anderson is looking forward to his next chapter as a performing artist.  “I am excited to play for people who are actively listening to the music and where there is a shared energy and enthusiasm between me and the audience,” he said. “And I can’t wait to play my Bosey again – it’s been our longest separation!”   Behind the B with Steven C concerts are set for 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Mar. 9, in The Dunsmore Room at Crooners Lounge & Supper Club, 6161 Highway 61 NE in Fridley, Minn. Make reservations by calling763-571-9020 and find more information online at The Dunsmore Room at Crooners.

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For media inquiries, to visit the Bosey and hear it played before the anniversary concert, contact either Susan or Carolyn at CW Marketing & Communications.

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